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Transparency in Action

Consumer Baggage Fees & Allowances is yet another example of how technological innovation is improving transparency in air travel. Farelogix created iflybags to help solve the issue of growing consumer frustration and confusion over the vast array of checked baggage fees.

By utilizing industry-standard data from the Airline Tariff Publishing Company, coupled with a patent-pending rules and pricing engine, iflybags evaluates, optimizes, and presents a specific fee quote based on airline-specific itineraries, traveler information (including frequent flyer status), and the number and weight of bags.

The screenshots below illustrate how works, or you can visit to see it in action.



At Point of Sale

Below are just a few examples of how the very transparency that is sought by travel agencies and consumers is, in fact, available today using new airline connectivity and integrated agency points of sale.






A PowerPoint presentation of Transparency in Service Offerings can be downloaded here.