Are you ready for the world of NDC-aligned shopping where your airline is the Single Source of Truth for all pricing requests? FLX Shop & Price delivers high performance, scalable dynamic pricing with no look-to-book.



FLX Shop & Price provides airlines with a state-of-the-art airline shopping, offer, and pricing engine for comprehensive handling of NDC-aligned shopping, offer creation, faring and pricing requirements within the Gateway, including published fares from ATPCO, private fares, fare families, dynamic pricing, affinity and attribute shopping, merchandising and ancillary offers generated directly by the airline.


FLX Shop & Price is the only solution capable of supporting a true “single source of truth” dynamic pricing model where the airline generates all offers using data only the airline has (e.g. CRM, FF, RM) – regardless of distribution channel or volume of search requests.


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Feature Highlights

  • NDC Shopping
  • Support for ATPCO (including 31-33) and non-ATPCO fares
  • Branded fares
  • Dynamic pricing capabilities
  • Large date range shopping
  • Affinity shopping
  • Attribute shopping
  • Itinerary and service taxes using ATP X1/ X2 and PFC
  • YQ/ YR using ATP S1/ S2
  • OB- Fees using ATP S4
  • Currency conversion using IATA ‘ICER’
  • IATA Fare Construction
  • Integrated rules engine for airline-defined business rules

Unparalleled Performance

  • Millisecond response time due to patented in memory processing
  • Lower cost of operations
  • Linearly and economically scalable
  • Unlimited look-to-book
  • Airline self-hosting option