FLX Shop & Price

Delivering NDC-scale, high performance dynamic pricing with unlimited scalability

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State-of-the-art Airline Shopping and Pricing Engine

FLX Shop & Price provides airlines with a state-of-the-art airline engine for comprehensive handling of NDC-aligned shopping and pricing, including published fares from ATPCO, private fares, fare families, dynamic pricing, affinity and attribute shopping, merchandising, and ancillary offers.

FLX Shop & Price is the only solution capable of supporting a true “single source of truth” dynamic pricing model where the airline generates all offers using data only the airline has (e.g. CRM, FF, RM) – regardless of distribution channel or volume of search requests.

Shopping & Pricing Primer

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Feature Highlights


NDC Shopping


Dynamic pricing capabilities


Attribute shopping


OB- Fees using ATP S4


Integrated rules engine for airline-defined business rules


Support for ATPCO (including 31-33) and non-ATPCO fares


Large date range shopping


Itinerary and service taxes using ATP X1/ X2 and PFC


Currency conversion using IATA ‘ICER’


Branded fares


Affinity shopping


YQ/ YR using ATP S1/ S2


IATA Fare Construction

Unparalleled Performance

Millisecond response time, patent in memory processing

Lower cost of operations

Linearly and economically scalable

Unlimited look-to-book

Airline self-hosting option

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