Airline Controlled Offer and Order Management

Fast, flexible and future-proof

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Farelogix Airline Commerce Gateway

The Farelogix Airline Commerce Gateway enables airlines to dynamically control and optimize all elements of the offer and manage the order across all channels – with full NDC alignment. The result is more revenue, lower costs, and happier customers.

Full-Scale Control

PSS-agnostic technology for dynamic offer and order management


Intelligent XML API aligns with current and evolving NDC standards

High Performance

Purpose-built to handle high transaction volumes


In production with 25+ airlines globally

All Channels

Deliver differentiated offers into the hands of customers no matter where they are. The Airline Commerce Gateway enables airlines to engage consistently with customers in both direct (website, mobile apps, kiosks etc.) and indirect (agency, TMCs, OTA, meta-search etc.) channels. This approach extends benefits across the airline business, giving Distribution, Merchandising, e-Commerce, and Revenue Management a wealth of fresh opportunity to earn more revenue, lower costs, and delight customers.

Design Principles

The Airline Commerce Gateway has been designed from the ground-up to power dynamic next-generation retailing.


Flexible and Future-Proof

Passionately Performant


Fully Interoperable


Built for Airline-Control and Low Cost of Ownership


Easily Engaged with Common UI

Ready for Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning (ML)

Airline Commerce Gateway Components

FLX Open Connect

PSS-agnostic connectivity that enables bookings in the airline reservation system using any required messaging protocol, with full support for NDC Offer and Order Management.


FLX NDC API (NDC Level 4 Certified) allows the full suite of airline content to reach the marketplace via any channel, including airline kiosks, call centers, website, mobile apps, and agency/GDS.

FLX Merchandise

An airline-controlled merchandising engine that allows airlines to not only create product and service offers, but to also deliver and optimize them across all direct and indirect sales channels.

FLX Shop & Price

A state-of-the-art offer engine for NDC-aligned shopping and pricing.  Functionality includes ATPCO-published fares, private fares, fare families, dynamic pricing, affinity and attribute shopping, merchandising, and ancillary offers.

FLX Availability Calculator

A highly performant and highly scalable solution that enables airlines to calculate their own availability, without taxing the PSS, and while retaining IP over proprietary rules algorithms.

FLX Schedule Builder

A powerful engine that opens the door to new revenue opportunities for dynamic, personalized schedules and the optimization of the most profitable connections and routes.

Enabling Digital Transformation

As the Airline Commerce Gateway reduces reliance on legacy systems, the platform realizes the digital transformation of the airline offer. Not only can airlines unlock value from every layer of the offer, but they can adopt new generation retailing practices without the wholesale replacement of legacy systems and ways of working. PSS-agnostic, the platform’s engines sit on top of the existing technology stack to deliver richer retailing today and can replace legacy when the time is right for the airline’s business.