Are you ready for NDC? Farelogix is the only provider of PSS-agnostic connectivity and comprehensive functionality for airlines to deliver NDC to the marketplace.



FLX Open Connect (Direct Connect)

Total Content Control with Lowest Cost of Ownership

The FLX Open Connect delivers Total Content Control with the Lowest Cost of Ownership including:

  • Future proof connectivity into any airline reservation system
  • Comprehensive NDC Offer and Order Management
  • FLX NDC API – single source of truth – to feed any or all channels
  • Robust Orchestration of all required workflows, systems integration and supporting services (e.g. ticketing, ARC/BSP, channel management, and more)
  • SPRK agency user interface included (optional)

Future Proof Connectivity

The FLX Open Connect allows users to make and manage bookings and reservations out of the Airline Reservation System without any third-party intervention while using whatever type of messaging protocol is required (e.g. EDIFACT, OTA, XML, GDS, or proprietary).  All content is standardized and normalized in XML.


The FLX Open Connect delivers future proof “PSS-agnostic” connectivity that is unparalleled in the industry.  Farelogix is already connected to and compatible with the following PSS/Airline Host systems: Amadeus Altea, Sabre Multi-Host, Worldspan, Galileo Airline Host, HP Shares, HP Atraxis, IBM RES III, Mercator/Mars, and Navitaire.

Offer and Order Management:

  • Shopping
  • Bundled Fares
  • Pricing
  • Availability and schedules
  • Web services for profile integration for full “traveler-authenticated shopping” consistent with IATA NDC
  • Web services for additional ancillary services integration and/or other custom content/functionality
  • Reservation Placement and Management
  • Seat assignment/ merchandising/ change
  • Ticketing/ exchange/ refund/ void/ EMD
  • Interline management
  • Settlement and reporting (ARC, BSP, TCN BIDT, direct settlement, IATA web link, custom)


The FLX Gateway API (NDC Level 3 Certified) provides a robust delivery API – and single source of truth – by which the airline’s full suite of content reaches the marketplace, including airline kiosks, call centers, website, mobile, or agency/GDS channels. For the indirect channel, the airline’s NDC API can be implemented directly with agencies, OTAs, and corporate booking tools or through a GDS or other content aggregators.

Dual Levels of Orchestration


The FLX Open Connect includes two levels of orchestration as well as hosting and infrastructure services:


    Internal Orchestration – Reservation System/ Internal Airline Systems

  • PSS Integration and Maintenance (any PSS or change to new PSS)
  • Airline System Integration (FFP, CRM, RM, DCS, Loyalty, Inventory, Payment, other)
  • Pricing and Merchandising Integration (Airline Shopping or Merchandising or FLX; ATPCO)
  • Reporting, Settlement, Reconciliation (Ticket Stock Allocation, ARC, BSP, TCN, RET, HOT reports)


NDC API/ External Orchestration

  • Channel-Specific Configurations (Distribution Manager)
  • API Configuration & Maintenance (Enhancements, Schema, NDC Alignment)
  • 3rd Party Developer Support Program for Airline NDC API
  • SPRK User Interface Configuration, Training and Second Level Support
  • 24/7 Help Desk


Hosting and Infrastructure

  • Cloud, Multi-site, fully redundant hosting options
  • Airline self-hosting


SPRK Agency User Interface

SPRK is a web-based travel-selling platform used by thousands of agencies around the world. The system provides travel counselors with a tremendous amount of airline content and optionality, including full integration with airline Open Connects and NDC API. Learn more about SPRK.