Farelogix Adds Loyalty, Inventory
Management, and Dynamic Reward
Capabilities to Cross-Channel
Merchandising Platform


FLX Merchandise now enables personalized and priced seat availability during online shopping process, as well as dynamic "build your own loyalty" options


MIAMI—November 11, 2014—Farelogix today announced a series of enhancements to its

flagship FLX Merchandise platform, each of which are designed to boost revenues for


New features include:

  • Premium seat inventory capabilities that deliver personalized seat prices during the shop process, while eliminating costly airline PSS/host search charges.
  • New options for dynamic, flexible management of loyalty, awards, and redemption rules along with algorithms designed to bolster both consumer and corporate loyalty programs based on mileage, revenue, flown segment/trips, or a combination of these options.
  • Enhanced analytics for offer optimization.
  • Role-based security for enterprise-wide usage across an airline.

    All new features are available to FLX Merchandise customers. United Airlines and Air

    Canada are among the carriers that have already integrated the solution across all airline

    selling channels – web, kiosk, mobile, GDS, and call center.


    "The new version of FLX Merchandise takes dynamic pricing and offer optimization to a

    new level, which is precisely what our airline customers have challenged us to do," said

    Jim Davidson, CEO of Farelogix. "FLX Merchandise delivers these new capabilities while

    maintaining the highest possible degree of flexibility and ease of use, keeping the airline in

    control of its offer and with the capability to make changes or add new products/rules

    almost instantaneously, without any hard coding."


    Through the inventory module, and integrated with real-time availability, FLX

    Merchandise enables airlines to deliver accurate, priced, and personalized seat choices

    throughout the shop process, with minimum processing overhead and while removing the

    pressure of availability queries on the airline's host system. Hawaiian Airlines is the first

    airline to adopt this new capability.


    "The demand for greater seat flexibility is both a customer-driven enhancement and an

    important innovation in the move to NDC-aligned attribute-based shopping," continued

    Davidson. "Seats are a central decision point for business and leisure travelers, and

    therefore accurate, personalized choices need to be available as early as possible in the

    shop process."


    "Expanding the product into the loyalty area was a natural evolution for the technology,"

    explains Davidson. "The days of simple mileage-based static awards and redemption

    programs are quickly coming to an end. Both consumers and airlines have become far

    more sophisticated and Farelogix has invested heavily in tuning its technology to address

    this demand."


    The FLX Merchandise loyalty module has been significantly enhanced to enable more

    choice and flexibility through rules-based management of earning and redemption

    options. Travelers are invited to build their own loyalty programs by choosing to earn

    different amounts of rewards (e.g. points) for different products, services or fare bundles

    presented during the shop process as well as any number of other airline-controlled

    criteria. "The loyalty module gives airlines an entirely new playing field in terms of

    optimizing what is offered to whom, in which markets, under what conditions, tied to

    which ancillaries or bundles, and so forth," says Davidson.


    Airlines can learn more about FLX Merchandise at www.farelogix.com/merchandise.


    About Farelogix
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