FLX Developer Program

Farelogix technology is designed for rapid and seamless integration with third-party providers

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Farelogix Gateway XML API
Developer Program

Airlines using parts of or the entire Farelogix Airline Commerce Gateway platform—including the Farelogix Open Connect—are able to offer travel agencies and other third parties access to the airline’s full suite of content through an industry standard XML Application Programming Interface, or API. The FLX NDC API provides a robust delivery vehicle by which users are able to make and manage bookings and reservations—including merchandising and other dynamic offers—out of the Airline Reservation System.

Companies seeking to access airline content via the FLX NDC API are invited to participate in the Farelogix Third Party XML API Developer Program. This program provides information, technical access, and support to facilitate development to the FLX XML Application Programming Interface (API).

In order to access airline content via our NDC API, you are required to have approval from one or more of our participating airlines. Once a carrier has approved you, initial enrollment requests will be handled by our ProServices department.

To learn about all of the available Farelogix technologies, please visit our Platform page. If you are interested in our Web-based travel agency desktop solution, please visit the SPRK website.

Accessing the Farelogix Developer Portal

It is required to LOGIN to the Farelogix Developer Portal in order to access all documentation and reference materials regarding the Farelogix XML API. If you need to see the login instructions, click here.

We are in the process of transitioning our support to Zendesk for a better experience. If you have an active Zendesk account with us, click here to log in.

Login Instructions

Your user ID/password will be based on your existing Developer Sandbox (SPRK) credentials. Simply combine your OfficeID (PCC) and AgentID (with underscore) as the Username. For example:

If your Developer/SPRK credentials are:

AgentID: Agent01
Password: MyPassword

Your login to this portal will be:

Username: AAAA_Agent01
Password: MyPassword

Should you encounter any problems logging in, please contact, proservices@farelogix.com