In an industry known for its legacy technology, Farelogix is breaking the mold by introducing new technologies that are changing the way the travel industry operates.

About Farelogix

The global airline industry is experiencing a core disruption in how airlines distribute and generate new revenue. Farelogix and its technology solutions are at the center of this disruption. Farelogix is a recognized leader in the travel industry with groundbreaking technology that continues to modernize the airline commerce and distribution landscape. The company is headquartered in Miami, Florida and has an office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

A Marketplace in Revolution

Airlines are rapidly changing from being a seller of commoditized air transport, where the business model has been focused on adding capacity and matching the lowest competitive fares, to one of being the seller of an airline brand and a personalized air travel experience. As a result, the consumer air transport experience is becoming filled with choice and convenience, with airlines striving to unbundle and differentiate their products. The airline motivation behind this new airline retailing phenomena? A treasure chest of newfound airline revenues that offer a byproduct of delighting travelers. The change is unmistakable: airline merchandising and retailing is transitioning an industry from decades of unprofitability to one of consistent and record-breaking revenue (almost $60B in 2016) and increased customer satisfaction (JD Power reports a 10-year high in traveler satisfaction in 2016).

Farelogix, Inc. is a key provider of the technology solutions that are driving this transformation from a commoditized selling approach to an emerging retailing and merchandising landscape, providing new revenue generation opportunities to airlines. The company’s SaaS Airline Commerce Gateway (the “Gateway”) enables the airlines to dynamically create, control, optimize, and deliver personalized and differentiated airline offers to any and all sales channels, from airline web site, check-in kiosks, and mobile apps to travel agencies, meta-search (i.e. Kayak) and consumer online travel sites (i.e. Priceline). 

Customer Summary

The Farelogix customer base includes many of the world's top airlines, including Air Canada, American Airlines, Austrian, Brussels, Delta, Emirates, Etihad, Eurowings, flydubai, Hawaiian, Lufthansa, Olympic, Qatar, Qantas, Swiss, United, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin America, and WestJet.

Farelogix Airline Commerce Gateway


Powered by the most advanced distribution technology on the market, the Farelogix Airline Commerce Gateway combines six interoperable components into one robust airline-controlled commerce environment:


FLX Open Connect: allows users to make and manage bookings and reservations out of the Airline Reservation system using whatever type of messaging protocol is required (e.g. EDIFACT, OTA, XML, GDS, or proprietary) and with full support for NDC Offer and Order Management. All content is standardized and normalized in XML. The FLX Open Connect includes all required orchestration, including integration with the airline PSS and other systems, channel management, ticketing, settlement and reconciliation including ARC/BSP, and a comprehensive Developer Support program.


FLX NDC API: (NDC Level 3 Certified) provides a single, robust delivery API by which the airline’s full suite of content reaches the marketplace, including, airline kiosks, call centers, website, mobile, or agency/GDS channels. For the indirect channel, the airline’s NDC API can be implemented directly with agencies, OTAs, and corporate booking tools, or through a GDS or other content aggregators.


FLX Merchandise: an airline-controlled merchandising and rules engine that allows airlines to create custom-tailored product and service offers for dynamic retail across multiple sales channels, including, mobile, check-in kiosks, call centers, and travel agencies (direct or via GDS), all without hard coding and in a manner that is PSS, channel and IBE-agnostic.


FLX Shop & Price: provides airlines with a state-of-the-art airline shopping, offer, and pricing engine for comprehensive handling of NDC-aligned shopping, offer creation, faring and pricing requirements within the Gateway, including published fares from ATPCO, private fares, fare families, dynamic pricing, affinity and attribute shopping, merchandising and ancillary offers generated directly by the airline.


FLX Availability Calculator: a high performance, high scalability solution that enables an airline to fully calculate its own availability, without taxing the PSS, while retaining full airline IP over its proprietary rules algorithm. Designed for high transaction volumes, NDC, large date range processing, affinity and attribute shopping, FLX Availability Calculator offers the opportunity for dramatic PSS cost savings as well as new revenue from optimization of search results including dynamic, personalized availability searching with unlimited query capabilities.


FLX Schedule Builder: puts control over schedule building exclusively in control of the airline by opening the door to new revenue opportunities for dynamic, personalized schedule building and optimization of the most profitable connections and routes. FLX Schedule Builder provides support for large date range processing, point of interest and merchandising-driven schedules, with unlimited scalability and unparalleled response time, all achieved without taxing the PSS or any third party (e.g. GDS).

SPRK Point-of-Sale

SPRK is a web-based travel agency point-of-sale system that is fully integrated with the FLX Aggregation Platform and the Airline Commerce Gateway. In use by thousands of agencies worldwide, SPRK showcases the airline's product using Brand Standards and Customer-Specific Offers in an intuitive, efficient agent selling environment. SPRK provides comprehensive support for shopping, sales, document issuance (ticket and EMD), and servicing (exchange, refund, etc.) of air travel content, including custom fare bundles, fare families, and á la carte merchandising.