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NDC in Action: A Technology Symposium

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Dynamic Bundling of Ancillaries Could Be Future of Airline Sales
The next big thing for airline ancillary services could be the dynamic bundle, a package of extra features and add-ons that airlines are beginning to create for particular types of clients at particular times.

Technology and Innovation in Airline Distribution 2014
The 4th annual Technology and Innovation in Airline Distribution conference will remain focused on the key challenges associated with distribution. Our inaugural New Generation of Passenger Systems will drill down into the challenges associated with core distribution technology.


This NDC Thing Just May Be Working, But Do Not Take
I just got back from GBTA, where it was really nice to see some old friends and meet some new ones.

Airline Merchandising: A Blog Series
I was thinking that since we have spent almost two years talking to, and working with, a number of airlines on their merchandising strategies and approaches, we thought it might be fun to categorize some of the more interesting findings on this very hot topic.